Thursday, 29 September 2011

Step One.

Today I started Project Management 2, which for anyone not in the loop is a set module within my Photography BA course which I'm studying in Portsmouth University. This part of the module is designed to get the students to create and hold an Exhibition of their work, while working as a team to pull this off and develop our organisation and time management skills.
Today We put ourselves into groups and started the ball rolling on some basic ideas for how we wanted to display our work, as well as acquire funding and venues that would appeal to us and also would get a decent crowd/ audience to view our pieces....

The Photos above are snaps of the notes we made in the 1st group meeting, we had a few minutes discussing the possible venues and how it would all come together and decided that because our theme around the images is about Territories that we should pick a place that links into this, so we've chosen as our first approach to find out about holding a show at one of the local Cinema theatres that are situated around the Portsmouth area. we also had the idea of perhaps creating our own venue in a public space like a park or another large area, using large projections of our work and creating a more open view to the gallery space rather than the traditional 'White Cube' approach. we also looked at sponsors to help ease the purse strings a little, we are planning to look into sponsors that could also be used for advertisement purposes as well which would benefit both parties.

Its still early days yet and get a lot more meetings before we finally have a decent proposal to submit to our course leaders but the group seems energised and we have a starting point already I've started e-mailing the persons in charge of holding such events in the requested locations now we just have to see if they like the idea also!

Photos on the right: Group in full discussion, hopefully we all get along and it goes smoothly, fingers crossed!!...