Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Flyer designs.

here we have a few designs that we've come up with to help get the word out about our exhibition.
we had a long discussion about what we should call our exhibition and finally we decided on the name
'The Big Picture' the images below are of potential ideas for our flyers.

Facebook Page!

Follow all the goings on at our Facebook page showing sponsors and more information about the exhibition and you can get a better look at the photographers exhibiting there as well.

Meeting with the Events Manager!

Hi everyone sorry it took so long to finally get this post up been busy with tons of work!

so me and one of the Location group went to visit the Events Manager Kerry Jarvie at the Action Stations building. she was lovely giving us tons of information about the venue what its been used for before and how much of the space we would be allowed to use for our exhibition.
she also did us a great deal on the price, we have the cinema screen and the complete 1st floor of the building to do with as we wish over the course of to days for 15 students to exhibit their work all for the low price of £375 (which works out at £15 per person per day) which is great.  -  theres the website if anyone wants to check it out!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Just a Quick one.

Off to chat with the Events Manager for one of our locations.
hopefully should produce some good results!

More to follow.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pub Meeting.

Yesterday we decided to meet up after our afternoon Lecture at the local pub to discuss putting ourselves into smaller groups to better manage each part of the Exhibition, this way we can operate more fluidly in smaller groups and then colaborate what we've achieved in to the group as a whole. we split up into three groups; Location, Funding and Advertisement.

Myself along with two other group members make up the Location team which basically means we scout for potential spaces that would be ideal for us to use for our Exhibition space, like i have previously written in earlier posts we have decided to look at using a cinema/theatre type space that already has artistic uses like other exhibits.

With that started we can all work on separate areas of the project and meet up and pull all the bits together to make an Exhibition that we can be proud of.


Artist Research...

While looking for venues to host the Exhibition I'm still currently undergoing the actual project and researching artists that inspire me and that i find interesting.
one of them is this woman Cornelia Hediger a Swiss-born photographer that produced a series titled; Doppelgängers

Cornelia Hediger, Klompching Gallery, photo techniqueCornelia Hediger, Klompching Gallery, photo techniqueCornelia Hediger, Klompching Gallery, photo techniqueCornelia Hediger, Klompching Gallery, photo technique
Images taken from:

The series holds a lot of dream like emotions and disjointed feelings, i get a sense of awkwardness when looking at the images as a whole because they don't quite match up along with the subtle tones it seems like something from a murder mystery.
i was attracted to them because they have a relationship to personal space and the artist uses this in a non-conventional way, looking at how they make the audience react i want to give off a similar feeling with my work, not so much that the audience enjoys what they are looking at but more like they feel as though they are imposing on the lives of others (the subject in the photos).

Pictures are not my own and were taken from the website

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Getting a feel for the Location.

Yesterday myself and another member of the project management group Dan Nouari went to take a look around one of the venues that we decided on, which was the No.6 cinema (action stations) situated in the dockyard of old Portsmouth. we still haven't heard from
Nick Hewitt (Head of Attractions & Collections)
but while at the cinema i got hold of a pack advertising events and corporate conferencing along with the details for the Events Manager which hopeful will produce some positive results!

Anyway yesterday me, Dan and one of the 3rd year students Andy Hayward (he has had dealings with the cinema lot before and thought he could help in obtaining the space) popped along to the space to see if some of the ideas the group had were feasible such as hanging physical work as well as producing a slide presentation, while there is some space that may be useful to hang physical works it may be difficult in securing the necessary space outside the cinema area to show it. I'm really excited at how things may turn out for this group if we do actually manage to acquire the cinema space we could potentially pull off a awesome Exhibition!