Saturday, 1 October 2011

Getting a feel for the Location.

Yesterday myself and another member of the project management group Dan Nouari went to take a look around one of the venues that we decided on, which was the No.6 cinema (action stations) situated in the dockyard of old Portsmouth. we still haven't heard from
Nick Hewitt (Head of Attractions & Collections)
but while at the cinema i got hold of a pack advertising events and corporate conferencing along with the details for the Events Manager which hopeful will produce some positive results!

Anyway yesterday me, Dan and one of the 3rd year students Andy Hayward (he has had dealings with the cinema lot before and thought he could help in obtaining the space) popped along to the space to see if some of the ideas the group had were feasible such as hanging physical work as well as producing a slide presentation, while there is some space that may be useful to hang physical works it may be difficult in securing the necessary space outside the cinema area to show it. I'm really excited at how things may turn out for this group if we do actually manage to acquire the cinema space we could potentially pull off a awesome Exhibition!

These are a few of the photos I took for the group so they could see what it was like inside the actual cinema, its a bit dark but  that's not a problem.

The screen on which the images will be projected on if we get the space is known for its size, being the largest on the South Coast.

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