Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Final Post

Professional Practice Plan
My academic education in photography is coming to an end soon and I want to talk about how the last few years have shaped my development as a photographer and what is to come next for me in the future. My course has given me a deeper insight into the world of photography, making me more aware of the important historical events that have taken place within the field as well as what is currently being developed, it’s this knowledge that has influenced my growth as a photo practitioner. One of my positives of the Photography course is the access to books and past editions of photo magazines and also the guest speakers that visit and talk to us about their work and the way they conduct themselves as photographers. This I found extremely interesting and helpful in deciding my route in the future, their insight into the business side of the profession has opened my eyes to the world and the reality that starting out as a photographer is not going to be easy but if given enough time and determination the work will be made available. As part of university and to help promote my work I developed an online portfolio, this takes the form of a website. I felt a website would be more appropriate with technology being a fundamental aspect in our daily lives and is easily accessible to everyone not just future employers. The work that I display covers a varied range of subjects from portraiture photography to landscape images. After finishing my time at university my aim is to continue developing my technical skills within digital manipulation and editing and hopefully put that to use within new projects I undertake. My website includes photographs of various mountain ranges these images were taken whilst visiting the French Alps over the years on skiing trips and I want to continue to pursue this area of photography with the interest of spending a season out there on a professional basis taking images for local tour companies or travel groups combining two of my favourite interests. As well as the images on my website I also have undertaken several weddings taking the role as main photographer documenting the joyous day, this has helped my confidence in the field and also given valuable experiences in handling clients and fulfilling their needs, other skills that have developed trough this are portraying myself as confident photographer that knows what he is doing otherwise you risk losing the faith of your clients and that would then affect networking. As well as the exchange of payment for my services which gives me experience in handling money I felt privileged to be ask to capture an important day that will be remembered through my images in years to come. Another goal is to continue developing my conceptual photography in the hopes of exhibiting my future work is galleries around the country. I think this comes from the way I have undertaking my projects and the process of having an idea and then seeing it through to a physical piece of work, this I believe is what photography is all about and it’s a process I enjoy. The end of my degree will be marked with the end of year show where all the photography students will have the chance to show off their work and promote ourselves to the public, this will be a great opportunity to build up contacts and also give us students a good idea of how a real exhibition is constructed and looked after, it’s not just about hanging work and shaking hands, a lot of planning and coordination play a key role. One of the things I will miss when I have left will be no more tutorials with the lectures; these provided insight from a more commanding body and offered a second view to concepts and a deeper thought process when discussing projects and ideas. The biggest thing I will take away from the last four years will be the experiences I have had with my fellow classmates we have endured the trials and come through the end and now we all have a database of fellow photographers that we can call upon or follow in regards to work which can be a huge asset. In reflection my development as a photographer is ongoing but my time at university has helped me to reach my goals.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Interesting photographer

a photographer that caught my eye during my project research.

Mark Nixon and his series titled 'Much Loved' explored the physical effect that love have on childrens soft toys, more specifically the images depiect worn and weathered bears that have seen years of love and affection. I really found this work interesting and it can keep on developing, it also gave me a great starting point within my own work. I hope you find it interesting also!


Here is the poster for our degree show anyone that fancies seeing it must! full of great work and lots of talented students (including myself)

The catalog is here!!
after a long time with graphic designers and meetings with the year group we finally have a physical catalog for the show to hand out to guests and to use as invites as well. it looks good apart from a few little things that are being corrected as I type.

another great opportunity to help us poor photography students with our degree show would be to buy a cake from our 24 hr bake sale that's taking place soon and to get your taste buds tingling and your mouths watering here a quick peak!

 had a great time at the pub quiz last night to raise money for the show our team managed to come 2nd place so not to shabby!
Nearly done all the construction, just need to fit the last wall panel then a little door to allow access to the behind of the show, (open and close windows, power conduits etc)
the painting is going along well, just a few bits to tidy up and i believe we can start hanging the work!!